The conclusion of Week 6 of the 2018 Diamond Bear Kubb Scramble marks the end of the first ever kubb tournament in Arkansas. This tournament was sponsored by Diamond Bear Brewing Co. and Central Arkansas Kubb. Arkansas ended the series on a strong note with good turnout and high spirits.

Participation was good throughout the course of the tournament.

Before the final rankings were announced, several awards were handed out. Kyle H., Ramona H., and Bryan S. were recognized for their Perfect Attendance. These three managed to attend all six games and, due to the nature of series play, their final scores reflected this feat of attendance.

Holland F. was recognized as the Youngest Player in the tournament and received a certificate. Holland proved to be a quick learner and a strong opponent, finishing exactly in the middle of the pack. Look out for this young man in the future and hope he’s on your team!

Sam O. was recognized as Most Improved Player of the tournament. Sam showed up at the brewery having never played kubb before and each week his skills improved. Sam was provided with a certificate and a six-pack of Diamond Bear Brewing Co. beer. We hope Sam continues to play and we’re looking forward to seeing him participate in regular play next spring.

And finally, Bryan S. was recognized as the Tournament Winner with 300 points. Despite tough competition, Bryan managed to average 50 points each week. He received a custom engraved pint glass and a case of beer from Diamond Bear Brewing Co.

The organizers would like to remind players that the U.S. National Kubb Championship takes place in Eau Claire, WI on July 12-14, 2019. Arkansas sent a team to Eau Claire in 2018 and reports were that they had a blast and learned a lot. With luck, Arkansas will again be represented in 2019.

Additional appreciation is warranted for Tim M. of the St. Paul Kubb Society for providing CARKubb with guidance on how to run a tournament like this and sharing their experience working with Summit Brewing Company.

And last but not least … the organizers and players would like to send a big THANK YOU! to Diamond Bear Brewing Co. for their sponsorship of this tournament. Not only did Diamond Bear mow the grass and provide beer for for the awards ceremony, but they provided a court-side bartender each and every week! #TotallyAwesome

Final results from the 2018 Diamond Bear Kubb Scramble can be found below.

PlayerFinal ScoreWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6
Bryan S.300505050554055
Kyle H.240404030554035
Ramona H.185302035353035
Mitch V.1756000404035
Jonny S.1555030004035
Jenna P.135400045500
Eric P.135500045400
Sam O.110005520035
Tori S.11000050600
Lacey O.100003520045
Josh F.95025025045
Holland F.90045020025
Daniel P.8000040400
Ken P.5003500015
Michael W.500500000
Amanda M.500500000
Brent W.400400000
Mike W.400040000
Chris O.350035000
Georgi H.303000000
Lacey H.303000000
Abigale D.202000000
Rachel V.101000000

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