Week 4 passed with a record turnout and players were enjoying the pleasant, sunny weather despite the end of Daylight Savings time. Twelve players showed up to compete in this weeks edition of the Diamond Bear Kubb Scramble, sponsored by Diamond Bear Brewing Co. and Central Arkansas Kubb.

Organizer Kyle Hicks of North Little Rock said “The new people came back! And they brought friends! OMG!”

Hicks would like to remind everyone to come out and play regardless of skill level. This series will run for two more weeks. Hicks says that it hasn’t been decided what the winners will receive at the end of the tournament but Mitch Vire says he is “hoping for a comeback and a lemon meringue pie!”

The standings after Week 4 are shown below. We’re getting so many names we may need to find a better way to display the results each week. [Lets try a table. Ed] If viewing on mobile, you may have to rotate your device to view all the players names.


PlaceNameOverall ScoreWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
1Bryan S.20550505055
2Kyle H.16540403055
3Ramona H.12030203535
4Mitch V.100600040
5Eric P.95500045
6Jenna P.85400045
7Jonny S.80503000
8Sam O.75005520
9Holland F.65045020
10Lacey O.55003520
11Michael W.5005000
12Amanda M.5005000
13Josh F.50025025
14Tori S.5000050
15Brent W.4004000
16Mike W.4000400
17Daniel P.4000040
18Ken P.3503500
19Chris O.3500350
20Georgi H.3030000
21Lacey H.3030000
22Abigale D.2020000
23Rachel V.1010000



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