With Week 3 in the books, players were enjoying the warm, sunny weather that late October has brought. Seven players drank beer and threw sticks at this weeks edition of the Diamond Bear Kubb Scramble, sponsored by Diamond Bear Brewing Co. and Central Arkansas Kubb. We are now at the midpoint of the series and organizer Kyle Hicks is definitely thinking about his strategy if he hopes to pull off an upset win.

Organizer Kyle Hicks of North Little Rock said “We had a great series of matches this week and having a chicken visit the pitch was just awesome! I’m not sure how we can top that!” [Check out the gallery and/or the Instagram to see the chicken. -Ed.]

Hicks would like to remind everyone to come out and play regardless of skill level. This series will run for three more weeks.

The standings after Week 3 are shown below. If viewing on mobile, you may have to rotate your device to view all the players names.

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